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The System

How our system works – Our system is easy but you must follow it to the letter (do not stray) if you want to make a steady, continued income from lay betting.

Each day, we will select two horses in two races. Following our guidelines on how much to bet, you will lay the first selection of the day and make a note of the potential loss.


If the first horse loses (ie. You win) then you finish for the day and the second horse does not come into play.


However, if the first horse wins his race (ie. You lose) then we have to move to the second selection.

Take your loss from the first race and add it to your usual stake (eg. £25 loss from race 1 plus £5 normal stake = stake on second race of £30) and put this on the second selection. This will then cover your earlier loss plus make you your daily profit.


Very rarely do both horses win their races but it does happen. When this does occur, we have to take our loss on the chin and come back the next day fresh and ready to build back up our betting bank.